Christmas greetings from Toronto

In the words of Modernist luminary T.S. Eliot,  “Home is where one starts from.” It’s Christmas and I’ve been racking my mind for what to write as my first entry here. What better way to start everything than to begin at the beginning? 

In the first place, I remember one of my professors asking me, what do I hope to gain from going back to school? And I wrote down the word “kapwa” and explained to her what it meant to me.

If you look up the word kapwa, you will come up with a few definitions, but one of its more profound meanings is this idea of recognizing ourselves in others. Literally, it means “togetherness.” Less literal is this notion that we are all interconnected, a mere part of a network of different beings.

Home to me has always been a matter of the heart. If it has anything to do with a place, it would be one that I share with others. 

I hope that, despite a global health crisis, you would be able to share your Christmas with loved ones. Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, and here’s to a better year ahead.

Sincerely, Katherine